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Fairy Tail Partners

Urban Development Center (Serbia, applicant of the project) is non-governmental and non-profit association, established with an aim to create and implement initiatives in the area of urban development and environmental preservation. The Center devotes special attention to the preservation and use of public spaces, with a particular focus on art and culture focusing on innovative solutions in presentation and communication of cultural heritage. 

Dugine obitelji (Croatia) is a non-governmental organization that gathers LGBTIQ+ persons who are parents and those who plan and wish to become parents and start their own families, as well as parents of LGBTIQ+ persons. Its vision is a society that respects, celebrates and protects every family.

DOREA Educational Institute WTF (Cyprus) is a non-profit organisation with general scope to offer high quality non-formal education for youth and adults, covering the three main areas of non-formal education, which is socio-cultural (popular) education, education for personal development and professional training. 

Plan B (Albania) is a non-profit organization committed to initiate concrete actions, implement projects and bring positive models of sustainable development that have long lasting effect on individuals and communities, working on sustainable development in Albania. 

Ligue De L’enseignement – Fail 13 (France) created by Jean Macé in 1866, la Ligue de l’enseignement (Education League) is an unavoidable defender of Republican values, democracy and secularity. More than 470 local non-profit organizations joined La Ligue in the defense of these values. The organizaftion is also a complementary actor of state school and a movement of non-formal education promoting idea that education is a permanent movement that can be created outside of traditional educational institution.

Associazione TDM 2000 (Italy) is an independent no profit organization, that coordinates young people willing to cooperate in the voluntary sector, supporting them in developing personal and professional skills through experiential learning and non-formal education.

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