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Fairy Tale Genderology -YE activities held in Serbia

Urban Development Center organized youth exchange program from July 8th to 19th, hosting participants from 6 project partner organizations (Albania, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Serbia) in Sokobanja for 12 productive days.

Get to know each other activity

The program of the YE was quite rich, involving the three main topics:

- Intercultural cooperation

- FTG methodology development

- Testing and shearing methodology

The activities were facilitated by organizers, leaders and external experts invited to the project. Different venues were used, such the meeting room of the Hotel Moravica, their garden and environment facilities, public parks, the centre of Sokobanja, nearby Vrmdza village and untouched nature of Sokobanja surroundings. Activities were combined with free time, non-formal education method and less demanding exercises, such energizers, teambuilding games, brainstorming, plenary discussions, simulations, role plays and many others.

The general aim of YE was to go through all segments of FTG Methodology of gender oriented reading, to test and put in action FTG technique in international context and to understand the concept, idea, values and importance of innovative approach. Moreover, to jointly go through preparatory tasks (10 photography which represent gender stereotypes in their local community and book of Cinderella tale, in their language and with illustration). Fairy tales were used as a patterns for participants to identify and tackle gender stereotypes and thus help young people to understand and challenge the impact that gender has upon their lives.

All actors involved in YE, during the activities were exchanging realities, practices and shearing experiences among each others, related to gender topic and issues. They actively participated in development of innovative method and technique for gender oriented reading. Finally, they did practical work testing methodology using different multimedia tools to make recordings as the outputs (video, audio, photo and graphical installation) of the YE activities.

Because one image worth more than 1000 words, here a bunch of them!

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