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Fairy Tale Genderology -Kick off meeting held in Limassol, Cyprus

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Participants on Kick off meeting

Participants from 6 organizations from 6 different countries - Albania, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Italy and Serbia took part in the first meeting held in Limassol, Cyprus from January 17th to 21st, hosted by Dorea Educational Institute, one of the project partners.

Kick-off meeting has been successfully completed.

The meeting lasted three working days. Participants went through all planned activities and topics.

Day 1st. In the first part of the working day Project was presented as well as it's main goal and objectives. During this session Project activities and methodology which will be applied during the implementation, were introduced to all actors.

In the afternoon, project partners had a meeting with Ms Eleni N. Karoli from Cyprus Women

Lobby. She introduced participants with gender policy and issues on Cyprus.

Day 2nd. Fairy Tale Genderology as innovative technique and methodology for work with youth, including those with fewer opportunities were presented. All actors were involved in developing of training materials for Fairy Tale Genderology which will be used in the field of gender stereotypes and gender reading.

Day 3rd. Participants discussed and planned further actions according to dissemination plan (updating website and social media).

Time table of whole activities off the Project was set up and tasks were divided among the partners.

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